My name is Emmeri and I’m a video artist. I’ve always had an obsession with transcribing occurrences from life. As a kid I convinced myself I had a photographic memory. To test it, I’d blink my eyes several times while looking at something and remind myself to remind myself to remember, to prove that it was true. I also made several attempts at keeping a journal, I wrote poetry, drew still-lifes, and painted self-portraits. I ended up going to art school to paint nudes and drink beer, but painting took too long so I ended up using cameras. I use a camera like a pair of eyes, recording what happens to happen in front of them. I fabricate scenes setting them up as if to paint them and then expose their impermanence by manipulating them. I then pick from the hours of imagery and put it back together like a memory of what happened. It is my way of recording time, but illustrating it with priority to feelings and significance, like our brains do.