I received a BFA in Art from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. I use video because of its capacity for play in both creation and exhibition. By taking the roles of director, editor, and performer I maintain an autonomous art practice. This site is an online portfolio.


My Name is William - Cinematographer

Quarter-Finalist - Online Isolation Short Videos Festival, 2020

Official Selection - Local Sightings Film Festival - Pacific Northwest, 2020

Official Selection - Agoraphobia Film Fest, 2020


Match Cut  contribution 2 min - In progress 2020

"Match|Cut is a collaborative film experiment. Focusing on the cinematic transition, the project seeks to provide an outlet for emerging filmmakers to collaborate in creative-chance based filmmaking." 


An Hour Here 4 channel video installation 18 min - 4culture Storefront Media Gallery 2018

"Emmeri Bock’s video brings light to the displacement of Seattle artists due to the rise in the cost of rent and studio space brought about by unprecedented growth. The piece is a meditation on moving out–the acts of sorting through, disposing of, and packing up possessions and memories."


An Hour Here 3 channel projected video installation 46 min - Cornish BFA Exhibition 2017

The process of possessions and memories being sorted through, disposed of, and packed out of sight are documented by multiple cameras and edited synchronously to be projected onto three walls of a room.


Two Holes of Water live performance/installation - 9 Evenings Revisited 2016

Extensive research and reproduction of Robert Whitman’s piece Two Holes of Water, as a part of a recreation of the original 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering, performances at the Armory in New York in 1965.


Moth short Film 18 min - DIY LUI Building 2016

A suspense piece. The person is being watched and the person is looking. The moth settles. Someone taps on the glass, the moth is released.